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15/11/2000 - NOUMENA is easily compared to Great Melodic Death Metal such as IN FLAMES & AMORPHIS and would be the successor to the FINNISH DEATH METAL! No doubt about it! Watch out for their debut album early album next year. The album will be the recorded at ASTIA Studio, mostly known for its excellent sounds from bands that had recorded there such as CHILDREN OF BODOM etc.
10/11/2000 - Not forgetting our new signings, STARGAZER, coming from the land of down under, this band is about to deliver a most brutal brand of death/black metal with some progressive elements. Watch out for their MCD release which is already in the works. Now.... This is what i call a violent piece of Art!!!
29/10/2000 - Unique bands never cease to amaze me. Hmm...for those of you who have heard MELECHESHís new PROMO CD, I'm sure you'll know what i mean. MESOPOTAMIAN Metal, is what they claimed to be If you asked me, i can agree with them for their claims. More news will be updated about this band. In the meantime we are still discussing the terms and conditions of the contract!

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