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Millenium Mailorder Updates

Velvet Music International

Repulse Records

Season of Mist

Cold Blood Industries

Displeased Records

Fadeless Records


Oskorei Productions

Woodcut Records

Merciless Records

Near Dark Productions

Lost Disciple Records

Necropolis Records

Relapse Records

Century Media Records

Perverted Taste

Deadsun Records

Red Stream

End All Life Produktion

Weeping Willow Records

Blasphemour Records

Endless Fight Records

Supernal Music

Nazgul’s Eyrie Productions

Iron Pegasus

Avantgarde Music/Wounded Love Records

Spinefarm/Spikefarm Records

Hammerheart Records

Teutonic Existence Records

Napalm Records

Full Moon Productions

American Line Productions

MIA Records

Extremities Productions

Morbid Records

Revenge Productions

Pagan Records

Deathtortion Records

Cudgel Agency

Retribute Records

Mighty Music

Aftermath Music

Pulverised Records

Listenable Records

Gutter Records

Massacre Records

Earth A.D.

Nocturnal Music

Shiver Records


Worldchaos Production

Self – Released

Macabre Mementos Records


Obscene Productions

Black Tears

Diehard Music

Voices Productions

Kettenhund Records

No Fashion Records

Lucretia Records

Serious Entertainment

Regain Records

Raven Music

Pulverizer Records

United Guttural Records

Undercover Records

Extremist Records

Wild Rags Records

Nightfall/Terrorizer Records

X-Rated Records


If interested in anything that we have in our mailorder, please e-mail us first to ask for availability before sending over payment. Our e-mail addresses are as follows… /

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