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DEATH OF MILLIONS - Frozen Review in Martelgang MetalZine by Xavier Jeukens

This band from Texas has a deal with a label in Singapore and plays music in the vein of Cannibal Corpse. Lyrically, these gentlemen even try their best to outdo those man-eating carcasses. So forget the Country & Western-influences! Especially the brutal voice of Chuck Salvo grabs my attention. Both his grunts and his screams sound as if they just emerged from the Texan cow-shit... extra dirty, extra heavy. Musically, Death of Millions doesn't play at the constant high speed of Cannibal Corpse, and that turns out to be succesful in this case. 'Frozen' thus became a varying album with the emphasis on brutality. Now and then the songs fail to keep my attention and sometimes the snaredrum dominates the guitars a bit too much. But on the other hand there are a lot of catchy moments, so at the end of the cd I am once again happy that I removed all the breakable objects from my room a long time ago. If you don't come across this death and destruction-spreading disc in any mailorder, you can also send an e-mail to Dies Irae Productions: Xavier Jeukens/Martelgang MetalZine
DEATH OF MILLIONS- Frozen Review in Tornado Magazine (Denmark) by Ustumallagam Rrrvvvaaarrr!!! Brutal Death Metal from the US of A. I've never heard of Death Of Millions (Cool name!!) before I received this CD, I must admit, but it was a nice experience. A meeting with the macabre, 'cause their lyrics are fucking gory; just the way your editor likes it. What's wrong with eating fetuses or fucking dead animals? Anyway, back to the music. We deal with some ultra Death Metal with lots of grind parts to mutilate your stereo. The vocals are very deep and rancid, but tend to become a little bit monotonous once in a while, but luckily the vocalist also knows how to do some really sick screaming here and there, so that's no problem. The production is really nice and powerful and also the eight page booklet with lyrics makes this even better. Only bad thing about this is perhaps the included cover of Twisted Sister's "Burn in Hell", 'cause it's really no good. Gargled vocals like these don't fit into such a classic for me, but try out for yourself for 16$ at: Dies Irae Productions, P.O. Box 337, Yishun Central, Singapore 917612, Republic Of Singapore.
DEATH OF MILLIONS- Frozen Review in Enred Magazine by Enis
Death of millions is from USA and they are playing death metal, actually the first time I heard their name is the day I have received this CD but they have played with bigger bands in the important festivals before. The style they are playing is death metal as I have said, a bit thrashy and a bit grinding. the songs are well structured and well played and well recorded. The vocal style reminded me a bit of Chris Barnes, I mean using both deep growls and shrieks together. An album that death metal freaks gonna like.
DIM MAK- Enter the Dragon Review in Enred Magazine by Enis
(The first sentence a joke but it is impossible to translate) Even though the cover is quite antipatic ( a golden yellow dragon on a red background), I have put the disc of the american band in the CD player. Fucking strong guitar, bass and drum sound. Basically the music is thrash but have a ot of hardcore/power groove influences in it and the guitars have kinda jazz influences in some parts. A super album but it is a bit hard getting into, a bit complex and tiring. } mean not for me as I am fucking genius (this one is a joke as well)... .
DIM MAK - Enter the Dragon Review in Martelgang MetalZine by Xavier Jeukens

The American Dim Mak isn't easy to categorize. The music lies somewhere between technical Thrash and Death Metal. The vocals, however, sound a lot more Hardcore. That's okay, but the singer sounds as if he's got the mumps and has a tomato in his mouth. But, when you got used to that, this cd is quite alright. These guys know how to keep a song fascinating. One moment you think you are listening to Sick of it All, the next moment you fancy yourself in headbanger's heaven, with heavy blastbeats followed by a thrashy riff. The countless breaks and tempo-changes surely aren't headbang-friendly, but they do force you to listen a bit more closely at some times. By the way, the atmosphere reminds me a little of the Swedish Darkane, because they also have such an self-willed singer. If you're able to get used to it, you will probably be able to enjoy it. Xavier Jeukens/Martelgang MetalZine
DIM MAK- Enter the Dragon Review in Metal Maniacs (October 1999) by Tomas Pascual
It's a good sign when bands considered black sheep amongst peers accomplish what they set out to do despite taking on a no compromise/no surrender stance. When several of these black sheep oddity start baah, baah, baaah-ing around the pentagram to ultimately grow in popularity, they attest the scene's increasing strength and momentum... One of the forefathers in underground black sheep ethos was New Jersey's Ripping Corpse who concocted a weird and special mixture of acidic riffs plied through erratic time and rhythm structures. Their unconventional formula was further heightened by frontman Scott Ruth's enraged hardcore-styled vocal bawl. To say Ripping performed a mixture of hardcore and metal would be true but inaccurate and overly simplistic. Ripping was more than that, recruiting a devoted cult following which included members of Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Incantation and Immolation. Nevertheless the band's unique approach was underscored in the wake of the late '80s/early '90s death metal explosion furor. When the band lost guitarist to Morbid Angel, Ripping continued, recorded one last demo. But many years had passed them by and the times they were a 'changin' so Ripping Corpse disbanded, sort of. Scott Ruth, a veteran's veteran of both the hardcore and death metal scenes, never threw in the towel, instead he took the time to refocus his creative energy and formed a new clan by the name of Dim Mak. While many similarities with Ripping Corpse's style can be found on Dim Mak's debut LP, Enter the Dragon (Dies Irae Productions), there are two major differences. Dim Mak's lyrical themes are a far cry from the occult and supernatural topics Ruth covered in the past. This time around, his words are spent narrating Martial Arts and Bruce Lee-inspired underworld tales, consumed with pent-up aggression, retribution and violence. The second major difference is in the band's whole musical approach. Dim Mak is straight-forward, seething with in-your-face rage (let's not forget the band also includes Ripping Corpse alumni Shaune Kelly and Brandon Thomas). There are no lucid, LSD-coated mystic guitar riffs and its erratic song structures are less tightly wound. Nevertheless, having said that, in a sense, Enter the Dragon is almost like the second Ripping Corpse LP. Ruth's tortured hardcore vocal style and many of the same underlying musical hybrids remain intact. Whether you view Dim Mak as stripped down and raw, crossover thrash or consider it to be unconventional hardcore with death metal overtones, the songs remain engaging nevertheless. Dim Mak's Enter the Dragon debut is a focused exercise of disciplined violence liable to invoke the unholy souls of deceased Ninjas to snuff out skeptical degenerate listeners who lack discipline...
DIM MAK- Enter the Dragon Review in Metalized Magazine (in Danish) by Schutlz
RATING: 8/10

Hvem havde troet at man nogensinde igen skulle laegge orer til guitarist Shaune Kelly's vanvittige fede guitarriffs? Jeg havde ihvert tilfaelde ikke troet det, men ikke desto mindre sa er det sandt pa "Enter the Dragon", der er debutalbummet fra Ex-Ripping Corpse's Shaune Kelly, Scott Ruth og Brandon Thomas. Dim Mak er navnet pa dette band, der tager avren op fra de geniale Ripping Corpse, der jun naede at udgive det ene album "Dreaming with the Dead". Bandet var nyskabende og lavede thrash, der bar noget af det mest fremadstormende dengane i starten af halvfemserne. Dengang havde de ogsa Eric Rutan med, der senere kon med i Morbid Angel. Men det var Shaune Kelly, der var idemanden bad bandets kompositioner og ligeledes er det den dag i dag i Dim Mak. Stilen er umiskendelig Ripping Corpse og tager pa flot vis traden op hvor de slap pa "Dreaming with the Dead". Brutale teknisk riffs praeger numrene, mens Scott Ruths karakterisktiske vokal saetter prikken over i'et. Dim Mak for forhabentlig mere opmaerksomhed end de oversete Ripping Corpse. (S) Stil: Thrash

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