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12/12/2000 - Mark Perry, the drummer of DEATH OF MILLIONS, was the touring drummer for the (un)godly INCANTATION during the last tour they had. At the same time, DEATH OF MILLIONS are preparing themselves for yet another appearancs in the prestigious MILWAUKEE Metalfest. WATCH OUT FOR THEM! as they are known to be a better band when playing live! Their debut, FROZEN, is still available.SO GET IT NOW!
17/12/2000 - DIM MAK(Formerly known as RIPPING CORPSE) have begun writing nw songs for the next album. I've heard some of their guitar tracks and MAN their are fucking awesome and impressive. For those of you who would prefer the metalcore style, make no mistake and get their ‘ENTER THE DRAGON’ CD NOW!!!
01/12/2000 - SINGAPORE’S notorious BLACK METAL monicker,IMPIETY, are out of DIES IRAE. The cause of such drastic 'call for quits' are unknown. An unreliable information suggested that they have been hunted or signed by a major label, Sony???
27/11/2000 - Our most recent signings are NOUMENA(FIN), STARGAZER(AUS), MELECHESH(ISR) & TRI-RYCHE(from SINGAPORE).

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